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Disavowed Series


They thought they could control a woman like her.


Seri’s world shattered when they labeled her father a traitor. Three years later, the government that disavowed him makes her an offer she can’t refuse, sending her on a dangerous mission to seduce a man from her past—who is planning a catastrophic attack. How far will she go to clear her father’s name, especially because she can’t seem to resist the Boy Scout who’s been assigned to protect her?


Sam has never lost his cool on an op—except that one time, and it nearly cost him his career. And he thought he knew all there was to know about his new asset after reading Seri’s file. But he never expected to fall so hard for a woman like her. Now as they race across the world in an effort to save millions of lives, he’s willing to risk everything to keep her safe.



Coming soon

John Jane would do anything for her, even if it destroyed him. And it did. Now he can’t let his past destroy her. 


Jessica Quinn had spent her entire adult life—and her career—on a singular focus: Stopping one very bad man. But sending John Jane after him turned out to be the greatest regret. And now she has a new singular focus: Saving one very good man. 

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